It is a genocide. The Burma Task Force has been warning about it for years. Now even Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese State counselor, admits it, although she wonders "why". Almost a million lives are devastated in a matter of a couple of weeks. Half of them have reached Bangladesh in horrific conditions, as half of the Rohingya villages (214) are burned to ashes, as documented through satellite evidence. Although Suu Kyi says that 50% Rohingya villages are still in place, they are being burned, one by one, as fleeing Rohingya are being shot at. Hundreds and thousands are surviving on leaves in the forests of Burma, since the UN is not allowed to provide food to them.

Ask Please contact the members of the UN Security Council & Muslim ambassadors to the UN to demand: - Use the term genocide, as the Bangladesh Foreign Minister has stated - Get the UN to create safe zones for Rohingya in Burma with international peace keeping forces - Suu Kyi does not control Burma, military does. Ask the UN General Assembly to cut off all military aid to Burma - Impose sanctions on Burma, unless it agrees to provide free access to the UN, and Human Rights and Relief Organizations - Ask Bangladesh government to grant all Rohingya refugee status and document the loss of life and property for each family Contact Information UN Security Council Ambassadors: France Ambassador: Francois Delattre: @FDelattre China Ambassador: Liu Jieyi: +1 (212) 655-6141 Russia Ambassador: Vasily Nebenzya: @RuassiaUN UK Ambassador: Matthew Rycroft: @MatthewRycroft1 US Ambassador: Nikki Haley: @nikkihaley Bolivia Ambassador: Sacha Llorenty: @SachaLlorenti Egypt Ambassador: Amr Abdellatif Aboulatta: +1 (212) 5030300 | +1 (212) 5030338 Ethiopia Ambassador: Tekeda Alemu: @AlemuZtekeda Italy Ambassador: Sebastiano Cardi: @sebastianocardi Ireland Ambassador: Elbio Roselli: @irishmissionun Kazakhstan Ambassador: Kairat Umarov: +1 (202) 232-5488 Senegal Ambassador: Fodé Seck: +1 (212) 517-9030 | +1 (212) 517-9031 | +1 (212) 517--9032 Sweden Ambassador: Olof Skoog: @OlofBSkoog Ukarine Ambassador: Volodymyr Yelchenko: @YelchenkoUN Key Muslim Ambassadors at UN Bangladesh: Masud Momen P: +1 (212) 867-3434 | E: Pakistan: Maleeha Lodhi P: +1 (212) 879-8600 E: | Deputy Representative, Nabeel Munir: T: @LodhiMaleeha Turkey: Feridun Hadi Sinirlioglu P: +1 (212) 949-01 50 | +1 (212) 949-01 57 E: T: @Turkey_UN Iran: Gholamali Khoshroo P: +1 (212) 687-2020 Saudi Arabia: Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Muallami P: 12125571525 T: @amouallimi Malaysia: Dato' Muhammad Shahrul Ikram Yaakob P: +1 (212) 986-6310 T: @MYNewYorkUN1 Indonesia: Dian Triansyah Djani P: +1 (212) 972-8333 E: T: @indonesiaunny Nigeria: Tijani Muhammad-Bande P: +1 (212) 953-9130 T: @USEmbassyAbuja

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