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Canada: Andrew Day's Photo Exhibit "Testimony"

Photo Exhibit

Freelance photojournalist Andrew Day's photo exhibit, "Testimony" sponsored by the Burma Task Force ran from May 8-14 in Toronto, Canada. The opening reception of the event was a success. Ahmed Ramadan, Outreach Coordinator for Burma Task Force-Canada also spoke at the reception about the work that BTF is doing to end the genocide against the Rohingya and to reach a just and humanitarian solution to their plight.

Also see Andrew Day's e-book which provides an in depth description and tells the stories from the refugees:

•Fleeing across the border

•Human Trafficking


•The Camps - Living conditions in the UNHCR and unregistered camps - lack of medical care in the camps

•Shortage of food supplies; the trade of food rations and food cards for survival

•Education & Illiteracy

•Exploitation within camps

•Plans to relocate the refugees &

the impact from the plan to develop Cox's bazar tourism



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