Every day we fight to bring hope and justice to the Rohingya Muslim minority and other ethnic groups in Burma.

Our work is critical in opening up Burma for international media, human rights and relief organizations who are currently being prevented from accessing Rohingya areas.

We actively engage with Refugee and Human Rights organizations to improve the treatment of Rohingya refugees in India, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Latest News + Alerts

Joint Appeal to the UN Security Council to Act on Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis

A global coalition of 69 human rights urgently call on the Council to take immediate action to address the campaign of ethnic cleansing and mass atrocity crimes against the ethnic Rohingya population by Myanmar’s security forces.

The U.N. Finally Uses the Word 'Genocide'

The U.N. has finally used the word 'genocide' to describe the violence commited by Myanmar forces agaisnt Rohingya

Troubling Precedent? Pope’s Politeness Supports Peace, But Justice Not So Much

Burma Task Force still hopes that the Pope will once again speak aloud the name of this suffering people.

Action Alerts

  • Bangladesh: Don't Ban Boats From Rescuing Rohingya

  • Say it: Genocide

  • Call Your Senator Today To Save Rohingya Lives

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